We are Jeremy and Chi of Positive Footprints.
We design and build environmental homes. Homes that tread lightly on our planet.

Positive Footprints combines Environmentally Sustainable Design and Construction into the one company making high performing sustainable homes easy to achieve.

If you are thinking of designing and building a new house or improving your existing home, you are on the brink of an important decision. What you choose will affect ...

  • Climate change

  • Biodiversity

  • Natural Habitat & Resource Depletion

  • Water Security

  • and your Health

... for the life of the house.

Your home can be Beautiful and Sustainable.
Make your Footprint Positive.


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Take a closer look at our Solar Sollew Project as featured in  Houzz.com

Our lastest awards :

2017 BDAV Award winner -  The Cheese House

- Environmentally Sustainable Resident and 

- Alternation and Addition $200-500k

2017 HIA Greensmart Australian Home of the Year - The Cheese House

2017 Sustainability award for Single Dwelling Alternation and Addition - The Cheese House

2017 Sustainaibility award for Single New Dwelling - Downsize UpGrade House

9 star series Solar Sollew was awarded

National winner - The Best Sustainable Design Award at the National Building Designer Association 2015

Winner of Building Design Association of Victoria (BDAV) 2015 - The Best Energy Efficient House Award and The Best use of Bricks Award

Winner of Master Builder Association of Victoria EXCELLENCE IN HOUSING - THE BEST SUSTAINABLE ENERGY HOME 2014

Winner at 2014 HIA Greensmart Award for Project Homes- Solar Sollew

For Article on Solar Sollew Santuary magazine Issue 30, click here

"How to Rethink Building Materials" edited by Dick Clarke !

From back page

"The book focuses on different themes including what a sustainable future in buildings is all about, a look at the issues behind the choices we make, contested ideas about material impacts and the fast-approaching horizon of new materials. See how some leaders in the field have approached the process of selecting appropriate materials and what amazing houses they hane created. Major manufacturers have also embraced sustainability and these change agents are also featured in the book.  Finally, the characteristics and impacts of building materials are also reviewed."

Jeremy Spencer contributed a chapter and case study.  To read the chapter called "Process and Principles of Renovation", click here

Beyond Zero Emission

BZE is a not for profit research and education organisation known as the Think Tank on climate change its work designing and implementing a zero emission economy for Australia.  They release reports on their finding on their website.  The most recent articles are The Zero Carbon Communities Guide and Rethinking Cement , both articles include solutions to a better future.


9 Star House Designs Now Available


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