9 Star Series

Our 9 star series represents a culmination of our experience in the field of custom designed sustainable housing.

Past clients have specified their houses to be light filled, warm, spacious, inviting, functional, access friendly, comfortable, healthy and stylish. These attributes and more are now incorporated with 9 star house energy performance in our 9 star series.

Our 9 star pre-design series are modelled to fit lots with minimum width of 12.5m by 30m. The current designs cover all the 4 major compass orientations, so there will be at least one design that will suit your block.

All the designs include sustainable material specification, solar hot water, rainwater collection and re-use, low off-gassing material selection, photovoltaic panels, and the option of greywater diversion and native/edible landscaping.

The construction costs range between $375k to $525k. So now it is quicker and even easier to have a house you can be truely proud of.  Click here for virtual flyaround/ walkthrough of the 4 pre-design homes.

Please contact us for more information or give us feedback. 


Big Little - a compact 124m2 flexible floor plan that will suit young couples, small to medium families (3 bedrooms), or empty nesters and holiday makers.

Salute to the Sun - welcoming sunlight from the street front, the most challenging of all orientations.  This design incorporates clerestory windows and private courtyard to provide 9 star thermal comfort and bright connected spaces.

Solar Sollew - double-storey 4 bedroom design with north to the backyard, clerestory windows enticing sunlight into every living room.  Please click here to read more about completed Solar Sellow.

Sunny Side In - Elongated sun-lit living spaces separating from the sleeping/ private quarters by a thermal spine wall to provide sound insulation and temperature stability.  Each room has its own piece of sunshine. 

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