9 Star Design Series

Building on our 10 years + of designing and building leading edge sustainable homes in suburban Melbourne, we are very excited to announce the roll out of a series of house plans for various compass orientations that all achieve a 9 star house energy rating.*  This means that they use approximately 1/10th of the energy to heat and cool, compared to a standard Melbourne home, and 75% less energy than than the current 6 star requirement.  Currently only a handfull of houses across Australia achieve this level of energy efficiency.

Our pre-designed house plans will save time and costs, and are designed to fit lots as small as 12.5m (frontage) by 30m (depth).  

All the designs include sustainable material specification, solar hot water, rainwater collection and re-use, low off-gassing material selection, photovoltaic panels, and the option of greywater diversion and native/edible landscaping.

Where required, we can also customise the designs to fit your requirements.

Please contact us to find out more, or come and see us on our open house - Junction St, Seddon on 9 Sept 2012, as part of Sustainable House Day.

Click here for some 9 star previews.


* The energy efficiency Star Rating for new houses now goes up to 10 stars, with 10 stars being a house that needs no mechanical heating and cooling. When buying or designing a new home always check the Star performance rating.

ss_plan_birdeyes.jpg ss_plan_birdeyes.jpg

ssplan_entry.jpg ssplan_entry.jpg

side_front.jpg side_front.jpg

ss_side_back_.jpg ss_side_back_.jpg

n13_plan_front.jpg n13_plan_front.jpg

birdseye_court3.jpg birdseye_court3.jpg

n13_plan_rumpus.jpg n13_plan_rumpus.jpg

n13_plan_court1.jpg n13_plan_court1.jpg

pln_courtyard.jpg pln_courtyard.jpg

n13_plan_kitcehn.jpg n13_plan_kitcehn.jpg