monash house

Originally built for home-coming servicemen after WWII, Monash house was a double-fronted weatherboard house with already several renovations/ addition & an outdoor pool.  The current owners were looking to make it an easy access and low-maintanence living, as well as maximising gardening space.  The heritage control limited any building upwards on the existing structure; any potential extension in the back would be south of the existing house.  

With the low ceiling lean-too demolished, the pool converted into an underground rainwater tank, the battle for a sunny extension was won with the new roof form, and a transitional separation from the heritage structure.  The new extension with clerestory solar access, keeps coolth and warmth with its dark polished concrete floor, and reverse brick veneer walls.

Now with PV panels on the front roof, which was paid off with patience and preseverence at town planning, the owners of this 7.0+ star house have never seen a power or gas bill yet since they moved in!

front_sm.jpg front_sm.jpg

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