Our Principles

At Positive Footprints, we believe that living sustainably is merely a mindset; like respect for elders and courtesy to others, it is not additional work to live sustainably, rather a habit to cultivate. 

We draw inspiration from philosopher and peace-activist, Ghandi - that we ourselves need to act, if we hope to see changes made.

This leads to such simple acts as bringing your own water bottle, rather than buying another "disposable" container at a store; the simple act of recycling our containers; the choice of not purchasing rainforest timber or tuna fished with deepsea trawling methods; or the simple flick of a wall switch to shut down appliance stand-by power when we leave the room. It is with such little steps that we began our journey.

For most of us however, our homes can be an obstacle to how we would like to live.  Poor design locks in decades of high resource use making it hard to tread lightly.

Our aim at Positive Footprints is to remove this impediment primarily through good passive solar design, to make it easy for people to live in homes that are in line with what they believe.

In this section we put forth the condensed knowledge of how to design and build more environmentally friendly homes, and hope we will meet you on our journey to sustainability.

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