Solar Sollew

One of our 9 Star Design - Solar Sollew offers 3-4 bedrooms, with ground floor living and master suite equipped with an accessible ensuite, achieving a Gold Level in Liveable Design Guidelines.

It has generous open plan living, kitchen and dining areas, and access to walk-through pantry.  

The southern bedrooms share a balcony, which allows connection of inside and out to the spaces.  The northern bedroom upstairs, can also be converted to a northern living room with balcony to boot.  There is flexibility in the spaces design to suit a home office (with a client's bathroom), or a study with the master bedroom upstairs.  See our design offering here.

Materials used throughout are sourced for their environmental and health credentials.  Our criteria include low-embodied energy, no rainforest harvest, E0 low VOC off-gassing & minimal wastage.  

In this example, we trialled some technologies that are potential add-ons.  They are earth-tube cooling, Phase change materials, electrical building control management system from MacTech.

Download info sheet here.  

solar_sollew_front1_web.jpg solar_sollew_front1_web.jpg

solar_sollew_olive_web.jpg solar_sollew_olive_web.jpg

solar_sollew_upper_web.jpg solar_sollew_upper_web.jpg

solar_sollew_kitchen_web.jpg solar_sollew_kitchen_web.jpg

1solar_sollew_living_web.jpg 1solar_sollew_living_web.jpg

solar_sollew_dine_web.jpg solar_sollew_dine_web.jpg

solar_sollew_lounge_web.jpg solar_sollew_lounge_web.jpg

solar_sollew_front2_web.jpg solar_sollew_front2_web.jpg

solar_sollew_rider_web.jpg solar_sollew_rider_web.jpg

solar_sollew_bedrm_web.jpg solar_sollew_bedrm_web.jpg

9civic_bms.jpg 9civic_bms.jpg

solar_sollew_rbv_web.jpg solar_sollew_rbv_web.jpg

solar_sollew_mound_web.jpg solar_sollew_mound_web.jpg

9civic_joineryx.jpg 9civic_joineryx.jpg

9civic_stair_x.jpg 9civic_stair_x.jpg

9civic_bed_3x.jpg 9civic_bed_3x.jpg

9civic_bath_2x.jpg 9civic_bath_2x.jpg

solar_sollew_ens_web.jpg solar_sollew_ens_web.jpg

solar_sollew_side_web.jpg solar_sollew_side_web.jpg

9civic_garden_2_x.jpg 9civic_garden_2_x.jpg