The Cheese House

The Cheese House combines an innovative 7.9 star passive solar design, water collection & efficient re-use, conventional & phase change thermal mass, low embodied energy construction materials, extensive environmental specification, a deep retrofit of the existing structure, a new connection with the rear yard and a healthy interior in which the family can love and grow.  

This project has taken out 2017 Environmentally Sustainable Residential Design award and winner in the Alternation and Addition category ($200-500k).  It is a cost effective example of using a renovaiton to sustainably modernise existing house stock.

pf_francisstreet29.jpg pf_francisstreet29.jpg

pf_francisstreet27.jpg pf_francisstreet27.jpg

pf_francisstreet24.jpg pf_francisstreet24.jpg

pf_francisstreet45.jpg pf_francisstreet45.jpg

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