penola 2

Sitting side by side, Penola 2 is definitely the new sibling with a different attitude.  However, this pair of Positive Footprints houses get along well, as they are designed to be considerate to each other's solar access, both achieve above 9 stars in house energy efficiency (newer arrival ups the score to 9.2 star!) & touting an array of critically selected materials, thus both wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

two_pea_sm.jpg two_pea_sm.jpg

front_sm.jpg front_sm.jpg

store_sm.jpg store_sm.jpg

screen_front_sm.jpg screen_front_sm.jpg

stairs_am.jpg stairs_am.jpg

kit_sm.jpg kit_sm.jpg

screen_side_sm.jpg screen_side_sm.jpg

rect_win_sm.jpg rect_win_sm.jpg

round_win_sm.jpg round_win_sm.jpg

bac_2_pea_sm.jpg bac_2_pea_sm.jpg