Showcasing a few of our designs

- plow house project was a renovation and extension to a Queen Anne Period house. It won us a highly commended sustainblility award in 2010.

- penola house was a new dwelling, its high energy performance and affordability won us the sustainability award in 2011

- marion and croydon houses are new dwellings and great examples of how to deal with the challenge of when north faces the street

- bent st project is a multi-unit dwelling subdivision, also with north to the front, but with the added tall overshading structure on the east as well.

- trafalgar is a low-maintenance single level house with blessed northern backyard

- 9 star series are designed with North, South, East & West orientations, ready for your block.  Click here for virtual flyaround/ walk through.  

- Renovation projects - Monash House, built for the housing of servicemen after World War II, faces north to the street, heritage control restricts any new build over the existing, but now it has a Sunny Southern extension.

- TARDIS house - single fronted weatherboard with a whole lot more inside

- Sun-blessed house - another project where north is to the street, achieving 8.5 star.

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side.jpg side.jpg

central_deck.jpg central_deck.jpg

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230212_1380.jpg 230212_1380.jpg

bent_271011_14_6_.JPG bent_271011_14_6_.JPG

penola_03a.jpg penola_03a.jpg

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plow_1_of_10.jpg plow_1_of_10.jpg

traf_back.jpg traf_back.jpg