Big Little

Big Little is a compact,space efficient, single level house for small family, holiday abode or just an ideal low maintenance home for easy retirement.

Designed for where north is to the side of the block, it has all the trimmings required for elegant 9 star living at an affordable price, having also the potential to upgrade to the full 10 star house. 

The floor plan is designed for life, adaptable with the small bedroom and loft storage space, being easily outfitted into an accessible bathroom for the master bedroom.

Click here for   environmental features, floor areas and virtual tour of Big Little. 

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ew1-3_bl_front_250x350.jpg ew1-3_bl_front_250x350.jpg

1ew1-3_bl_kitchen.jpg 1ew1-3_bl_kitchen.jpg

ew1-3_bl_book_daybed.jpg ew1-3_bl_book_daybed.jpg

ew1-3_bl_living350x250.jpg ew1-3_bl_living350x250.jpg

ew1-3_bl_north.jpg ew1-3_bl_north.jpg

ew1-3_bl_birdseye.jpg ew1-3_bl_birdseye.jpg

ew1-3_bl_rear.jpg ew1-3_bl_rear.jpg

l-porch.jpg l-porch.jpg