Sunny Side In

Where the sun runs along the side boundary of the block, this design captures the goodness of the sun's rays in winter, by inviting them through double glazed windows, and storing the heat energy in its dense thermal spine - the wall that divides the living zone with the sleeping quarters, providing both sound insulation and heat sink. Click here for Environmental Features and Elevations/ Section and virtual tour.

Other 9 star designs are Solar Sollew; Big Little & Salute to the Sun

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ew1-3_north_face_540x250.jpg ew1-3_north_face_540x250.jpg

ew1-3_ne_front.jpg ew1-3_ne_front.jpg

ew1-3_entry.jpg ew1-3_entry.jpg

ew1-3_rear_birds_eye.jpg ew1-3_rear_birds_eye.jpg

ew1-3_bedroom_2.jpg ew1-3_bedroom_2.jpg

ew1-3_north_court.jpg ew1-3_north_court.jpg

ew1-3_back_entry.jpg ew1-3_back_entry.jpg

ew1-3_living.jpg ew1-3_living.jpg

ew1-3_rear.jpg ew1-3_rear.jpg